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    This man has no NECK! The Criminologist.

    Did you know?
    Charles Gray (29 August 1928 – 7 March 2000) was an English actor who was well known for roles including the arch-villain Blofeld in the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever, Dikko Henderson in a previous Bond film You Only Live Twice, Sherlock Holmes’s brother Mycroft Holmes in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and of course as the Criminologist in the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975.


    • Chuckie parts his thin silver hair on the right.
    • No sideburns; hair is short in front of ears where sideburns would be.
    • Hair is swept from right to left over top of head, no bangs visible, well clear of forehead and hair is short that enough tops of ears are bare.
    • Hair has a slight wave to it.

    Cigarette in black holder.

    • The part of the holder that Crim grips in his teeth is black; the part which holds the cigarette is silver. He holds this in his right hand during his first appearance with the book, and grips it in his teeth during the segment where he points at the Time Warp instructions.

    Deep red ascot with black faceted beads and piping.

      • Two layers, with a black tassel at the tip of each, extending down to mid-chest (don’t make it too long, please).
      • The piping forms a central design, with a wavy vertical line on each side, accented with the beads.
      • The wavy lines don’t extend quite as close to his neck as the central motif. Bottom edge of the ascot is scalloped (3 scallops outlined with very small smooth seed beads).
      • TIP: Make the ascot out of a red handkerchief/scarf or a wide tie (not satin, please).
      • RESEARCH: I thought for years that the ascot was decorated with sequins (and if your first Crim ascot is made with sequins, more power to you!), but on the DVD they definitely look convex, not concave, and this is backed up by a photo Larry Viezel was kind enough to send. They are definitely faceted from the way they catch the light – and check out those tiny seed beads outlining the bottom! So for detail freaks, reach for rhinestones/beads.
    Crim's ascot- thanks, Larry!

    Crim’s ascot- thanks, Larry!

    • The best color picture of this is in the booklet that comes with the 15th anniversary box set and you’re looking at it in full color on this page–note the beading pattern and the lapels of Crim’s jacket.

    Gray velveteen jacket with black velvet lower lapels and white hankie stuffed in left breast pocket.

    • Worn unbuttoned.
    • There is a dark gray/black frog or toggle closure just below the lapels, the knot/toggle on his right side, with the loop on his left.
    • 3 velvet-covered buttons per sleeve (same shade as jacket), placed very closely together.
    • Vertical center backseam; 2 vents on jacket back. Lined in gray satin.
    • There’s a bound diagonal slash (welt) pocket on other side of the front bottom of the jacket.

    White dress vest (waistcoat).

    • Fastens at bottom with 7 small white fabric-covered buttons with shanks.

    Shirt and accessories.

    • White pleated dress shirt with wing tux collar.
    • Round black cufflinks with gold rims.
    • Stiff cuffs.

    Black pants

    • Pants are worn without belt.

    Shoes and socks

    • Black shoes and socks.


    • Time Warp instructions and wooden pointer. Pointer has a dark brown cylindrical handle. The instructions would look great on a pull-down window shade.
    • Black hardbound book (may be dark green; I’m looking into this). Long; may be 8.5×14 inches. “THE DENTON AFFAIR” is embossed in gold above the center of the cover in a serif font. There are 6 evenly-spaced gold horizontal stripes on the spine, a vertical line at the edge of the spine binding, which extends onto the front and back cover. The spine may be a slightly more textured black, or it may be a dark green marbled paper. Gold diagonal lines edge triangles of a dark green marbled reinforcement over the two outer corners on the front and back covers.
    • Squat clear cut-glass tumbler.  Crim fondles during “Food” speech. Looks like an “Old Fashioned”/”On the Rocks” glass.
    • Light-up globe.  TIP:  Light up globes run $50 and up new. Arthur Levesque suggests buying a plastic inflatable globe and lighting it from underneath or behind tumblr_mpnerdqcDZ1qditd8o1_1280.

    I would like….if I may…..

    These are scene-by scene breakdowns of costumes and hand props for a screen-accurate rendition of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Makeup (including tattoos and scars) is treated separately in the Makeup section. This list is based on observations of several different prints of the film, discussions with other fans, and extensive use of Rocky Horror posters, books, magazines, video, DVD, Blu-Ray, stills, etc. I’ve had lots of excellent help. (My thanks to everyone on the Rocky Horror newsgroup for their input and support; I miss you guys.)

    The descriptions here are not perfect; this is a work in progress. If what’s on this list doesn’t look like what’s on-screen, go with what’s on-screen. This list is NOT “definitive” and is intended as a convenience to people assembling costumes, not the word of God.

    If you think you notice a mistake or just want to chat about costuming, please email me. (If you see something that is wrong/incomplete, tell me which scene I can see the detail in question; I reply much faster if you send a photo/screencap than if I have to drag out the Blu-Ray.) I am happy to talk with anyone so long as a tone of mutual respect is maintained. Yes, the site is still regularly updated; for details, see “What’s New” below.

    All mistakes on this list are mine –nothing goes onto the site until I have verified it with my own eyes.

    The DVD and Blu-Ray really changed everything. Now everyone can have access to high-quality stills. If you want to do serious detail work, buy a copy. I bought a DVD player specifically to watch Rocky, then did the same thing for the Blu-Ray. Get a player with zoom capabilities. If you’re looking for DVD software for your computer, I recommend PowerDVD; it has screen capture capabilities and frame advance. Blu-Ray capture is significantly more difficult.

    How To Use This List

    This list is intended for fans who want to recreate the costumes from the movie “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”
    If you are costuming a production of the play “The Rocky Horror Show,” I can’t stop you from using this website for reference. But I can strongly encourage you to do what Sue Blane did and costume the play using your own original ideas, or, if you must, using her designs as a jumping-off point instead of slavishly copying them. Please leave that to us fans.

    • If you want to know what costume pieces a character wears, go to that character’s page.
    • If you want to know how to make yourself up like a character (including tattoos), visit the Makeup by Character and Tips & Tricks page.
    • If you are wondering how to find costume pieces or want general tips on making costumes or costume care, visit the DIY / Costume & Prop Tips & Tricks page.
    • If you are looking for specific websites which sell shoes, gloves, etc. or want to find people who will make costumes for you, visit our Links page.
    • If you don’t see what you’re looking for, or you think you’ve found a mistake or omission, by all means email me. Please do check out any details you write about before emailing me, though; if you haven’t bothered to check the detail, why should I?