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    Frank Lab, Bedroom Scenes, and Whipping Scene

    Lab Scene:

    TIP: If applicable, remove white heel covers on black shoes.

    Extender chain to lengthen Frank’s pearls (your pearls may include this as part of the necklace).

    Worn on the back right of Frank’s neck.

    Green surgeons’ gown

    • Red triangle on left breast (point up). Mid-calf length; rolled-up sleeves are rolled up to the elbows.
    • Surgeon’s gowns are available at veterinary or medical supply stores. Try on-line or hit the Links page. Department stores may have “Scrubs” catalogs (JC Penney’s does), and many thrift stores have a “uniforms” section, but you’ll have to get awfully lucky.
    • Mid-calf length. Standup collar; sleeves are rolled up to the elbows.
    • Two back ties, one at the neck, one at mid-back, and 2 ties that start under a green rectangle at the front waist, wrap around the back, then tie in front.) A short green string hangs from each sleeve.
    • There is a stitched vertical rip (outlined with red stitching; white fabric shows through) midway between his neck and his right shoulder, vertical bloodstain at the left from mid-chest down to the waistline, a big blotch with vertical bloodstain on the left front of the skirt (thigh-height), and several holes on the right side at about thigh height.

  • Pink dishwashing gloves.
    Worn cuffed for much of the scene. These can be hard to find in the US unless it’s October (Breast Cancer month), unless retro is having a moment.
  • Stemmed widemouth glass.

    “Champagne bowl” style. Actually a Riff prop, but many Franks bring their own. Look for plastic ones at party stores (not the thin-walled two-piece ones which are too fragile to be practical). I found some unbreakable margarita glasses that aren’t that weird inverted-sombrero shape that are holding up pretty well.
  • Black pick.

    Make from cardboard and duct tape.
  • Peep toe black glitter platform sandals (black heels), thin back-strap.

    Same basic style as Sweet T shoes. In several photos, Frank’s toes are far enough back that the shoes do look closed-toe, but they’re not: you can see them peeking out as the elevator comes up to the lab. Strap is not glittered. Rectangular silver buckle.

    Bedroom Scene:

    The terminally anal retentive will have a pink robe, a blue robe, a wig to pull off, and Brad glasses. If you’re less OCD, borrow Brad and Janet’s robes or use just one robe–especially if you do this scene behind a sheet. Frank wears his corset under his robe with Janet.

    Post-Bedroom Scene:

    • Cigarette.

      A sturdier prop can be made from a white ballpoint pen casing cut to length, the end slightly melted with a lighter, and then painted with red nailpolish to make “lit” end. If your theater allows e-cigarettes, that’s an option, or you can buy a prop cigarette at a theater/joke shop which actually produce “smoke.”
    • Whip.

      Alternating gray and black tails braided for about half its length, then hanging loose. The tails are probably a good four feet long. Medium brown wooden handle (“stock”). Brown leather loop on the end of the handle for hanging.

    • Relax after sex in a black leather jacket with lots of embroidered patches and enamel metal badges (mostly motorcycle themed)

      Enamel badges on the upper chest. The sleeves are vented with zippers, and are edged with black fringe. The sleeves are decorated with various embroidered patches (mostly circular), the back with different shapes.
    • Black leather jacket with lots of embroidered patches and enamel metal badges (mostly motorcycle themed) on it

      NOTE: Badges are positioned as on Poster Magazine Vol. 1 #2, but without the large Mao pin. If you want details on the jacket, take a look at Frank’s jacket, as it looks today (we think).


      • Zips up the front. Shirt-style collar (not the more common 4-tab lapels). Round flat silver studs (“nailheads”) decorate the collar, and there is a small enamel checkered racing flag badge on the tip of both collar points.
      • Enamel badges decorate the upper chest: 34 on Frank’s right side and 41 or 42 on his left. Most are motorcycle-themed, and they include racing flags, Triumph, BMW, Sunbeam, Jawa, Matchless, Jaguar, Panther, The Vincent, (Tri)BSA, CZ, and Norton.

      • Silver chain hangs in 2 loops underneath the badge area on each side. On the right side, the end of the chain by Frank’s arm is connected to a large round domed metal stud. On the left side, there is a large domed metal stud in the center where the two loops are attached, and two small studs placed vertically beneath the end of the chain closest to the front zip.
      • Slash pockets on both sides are outlined underneath with small round silver studs.
      • A dirty white string/lace hangs down to mid-thigh from the zipper pull on Frank’s left. At the left base of the jacket is a tab that could be snapped over the bottom of the zipper with a domed silver snap.
        Note that this is a picture from the poster magazine, so the Mao button (which does NOT appear in the film) has been blacked out.


      The sleeves are vented with zippers, and are edged with black fringe. The zippers have metal zipper pulls that look like a jump ring attached to a very small D-ring.

      The sleeves are decorated with patches.

      Right sleeve (top to bottom):


      • circular BMW patch (black circle with gold ‘BMW’ above circle quartered in blue and white)
      • dirty white number “59” on circular black patch (“59″ Club)
      • “ROYAL ENFIELD” in gold on circular red patch, edged in gold, on a larger black fabric circle
      • skull with red helmet(?) and little wings on circular patch. The design is very similar to the UK Hell’s Angels logo (a skull in a red helmet with little wings, usually above a yellow banner reading “Hell’s Angels”); I have never seen a picture clear enough to prove that’s what it is, but I’ve never seen another design that was close, either, and I’m almost certain one of the badges is a Hell’s Angels badge. Hell’s Angels badges and patches occasionally come up on eBay, though the Hell’s Angels often get the auctions canceled. Keep this in mind as you do your searches.
      • skull and crossbones on black rectangular patch

      Left sleeve (top to bottom): aflslv There’s also a gorgeous but HUGE black and white full-body photo, courtesy of Larry Viezel, here.

      • “ROYAL ENFIELD” in gold on circular red patch, edged in gold, on larger black circle (see above).
      • dirty white number “59” on circular black patch (“59″ Club patches are a white 59 on a black patch; it may just be very old and dirty)
      • “TriBSA” in gold on horizontal dark blue oval patch edged in gold in the middle of a black rectangle
      • Blue circular “Triton” patch edged in gold
      • Honda Motorcycles patch (flying gold wing with “HONDA” in red under it on circular black patch)
      • gray Nazi iron eagle patch (directly above zipper vent)


      • The back has red block letters painted along the top, obscured by a big red/yellow snarling tiger’s head patch (snarling towards Frank’s right shoulder); the letters “ROY” and “ELD” can be seen on the upper left and lower right sides of the tiger (probably “ROYAL ENFIELD”). Ashford Wyrd and Shawn Anthony showed me a Triumph tiger patch, and it’s a match.
      • Below that is a white rectangular red, white and blue-lettered TRIUMPH patch which is sewn slightly overlapping over a British flag (actually, it’s not an actual British flag–the red stripes are all the same width; the stripes in a real Union Jack are different widths).
      • There is one patch at the bottom left of the jacket back: a yellow circular patch with arced lettering along the top and a vertical object; the fellow who owns what is probably THE jacket states it’s a Sylvester the cat (think Warner Brothers) patch, and the (warning! extremely large!) black and white side view photo from Larry Viezel appears to bear him out (peek through the fringe: the cat’s white tummy, black arm and gloved hand, and the letters SY**ES are visible).
      • There are three patches in a vertical row centered below the flag: a circular white patch on top, a middle patch with a red circle with yellow winged “M” on a black square field), and a horizontal rectangular patch with some sort of wing design (Moto Ducati).
      • There are also two patches, one above the other, on the bottom right. The bottom of the two is a Rock N Roll Special square patch with a a blue triangle (point up) in a white circle; the patch above that is a white circle with Warner Brothers style Road Runner pointing to the right with the words “Beep Beep!” (quotation marks on the patch).

  • Closeups: Frank’s Dinner Corset

    These are photos of the corset as it looks today (well, after purchase in 2000).

    Yes, it’s faded; time is rough on us all.

    How We Got It:
    I purchased the costume at auction from Dori Hartley, an early NYC Frank, at the 25th Anniversary on Oct. 13, 2000. Dori says she was handed the corset by Sue Blane at a convention many years back.  Thanks to Jaimie Froemming, who lent me some cash when the stash I’d been saving for a house downpayment wasn’t quite enough.  She also took several of the photos.

    Keep in mind that while it’s in very good shape, the corset has faded a lot over the years.  The paisley pattern is visible on the Blu-Ray, but in 2000 most of us had no idea that Frank’s corset was paisley: it looked like plain black velvet on most prints and video.



    The front of Frank’s dinner corset.


    Corset Front - Top


    Closeup of the velvet. Note the lines of stitching for the boning.


    The back of Frank’s dinner corset.

    The back of Frank's dinner corset, as it looks today.  That shiny spot is a silver sequin; not the glue spots where others came off.

    The back of Frank’s dinner corset, as it looks today. That shiny spot is a silver sequin; note the glue spots where others came off.

    Observe how the netting fabric is actually sewn onto the chiffon shirt, whose texture is clearly visible. Nice closeup of several star-shaped rhinestones and one 3x3 unfaceted plastic "gem" grouping.

    Observe how the netting fabric is actually sewn onto the chiffon shirt, whose texture is clearly visible. Nice closeup of several star-shaped rhinestones and one 3×3 unfaceted plastic “gem” grouping.

    Right Shoulder - Back

    Corset back, closeup on the right shoulder, showing how the netting/flowers wrap up and over the shoulder to the back


    StitchedFlowerrhinestone Corset front: The netting/flowers extending onto the velvet; closeup of stitched flower.

    Star Shaped Rhinestone

    The faceting is clearly visible, as are the metal prongs (which do not extend through the velvet beneath).

    Rhinestone closeup. The faceting is clearly visible, as are the metal prongs (which do not extend through the velvet beneath).

    Note the soutache button loops, the iridescent rounded oval buttons, and the lace edging along the back opening (with embroidery on it as if it's the same material with the silver flowers).

    Corset back. Note the soutache button loops, the iridescent rounded oval buttons, and the lace edging along the back opening (with embroidery on it as if it’s the same material with the silver flowers).

    Frank N Furter – Sweet Transvestite Costume

    frankstrutBlack curly wig

    • Loose curls, not tight ones. Frank has slight bangs (pick out a few strands to lie on your forehead to make the wig front less obvious). The wig is sort of pyramidally shaped: shorter on top, longer on the bottom.
    • Should fall about to the shoulders; choose a wig that is slightly too long over one that is slightly too short (you can always trim it). Do not use an afro wig: you will almost certainly look like a mushroom.

    Black sequined corset with shoulder straps

    • Scoop armholes (tank top-style) in front, with straight straps in back. Straps are a separate piece from the main corset, and are not sequined.
    • Corset is boned. If you’re making yours, take note; it will help hold you in.
    • Lined in white; a strip of white lining shows along the left side of the lacings, and a little shows at the left armhole.
    • The bottom back and front center of the corset both come to a point (very slight at the top). The point in front down over the stomach will help hold you in; don’t omit.
    • TIP: Ideally corset zips up the back or side so you can change quickly. Frank’s may zip under the left arm.
    • Laces up the front and ties at the top in a bow with big loops.
      • Corset has two separate black laces–each lace knotted, then fed through a bottom eyelet of the corset. The top pair of eyelets isn’t used.
      • ~13 eyelets to a side.
    • There is bare skin between the corset and the garter belt all the way around. Many Franks make this too short: don’t. Make yours as long as Tim’s or a little longer: this costume has no pity if you have any tummy at all. Corset should extend almost all the way down to your garter belt.
    • Covered with black, green, dark blue, magenta and a few gold sequins–sequins are bunched rather than evenly spaced and are sparser on the sides.
      • Some people think they are rhinestones, but holes are visible on some of them on Poster Magazine 1 and the 2004 Mick Rock calendar.
      • In a December 1999 interview with Crazed Imaginations, Sue Blane, when asked her all-time favorite RH costume, said:“The first one is Frank’s first corset, from The Maids. I did everything on it. I painted it, put the sequins on…”
      • Sue almost certainly glued them on; if you’re in it for the long haul, you might want to sew them on, or commit to a lot of maintenance.

    Black satin cape with stand-up Dracula-type collar, lined with silver lamé.

    • Shimmery black satin — a full half circle (buy material on sale). Really big shoulder pads; cape is loosely gathered at the center neckline in back.
    • Cape just covers the tops of Frank’s heels. Make sure it’s not too long or you’ll trip on it. The collar has vertical lines of boning (visible about every 4″ along the collar).
    • Hold the cape shut with left hand crossed over right, arms over your chest like a mummy.

    Oversize pearls, separated with little tiny spacer beads.

    • TIP: Buy beads at craft stores or buy a necklace (discount, accessory and department stores; $12-$30).
    • I wondered for years if there were knots in between the pearls or spacer beads; the Mick Rock book answered that question – knots don’t shine.

    Black half-finger elbow-length gloves with woven-in silver threads (Lurex?).

    • Some people think the threads are multi-colored; I think it’s just the light. Whatever works for you.
    • TIP: We bought black socks shot with silver Lurex and chopped them up. Places like Urban Outfitters have carried these for years.
    • What I originally thought was a long vertical rip on Frank’s left inner wrist is apparently the wrist opening of a button-at-the-wrist glove. It is repeated on the right wrist, and I have caught a glimpse of the buttons on the big screen. Thanks to Shawn Anthony for pointing this out.
      • Right glove:
        • 5 parallel rips on the outer arm just below the elbow, 3 rips over back of his hand, small hole on back of index finger.
      • Left glove:
        • 1 hole between fingers and thumb.
        • 2 dirty Band-Aids crossed on left inner elbow.
        • There is blood where they cross.

      Black garter belt:

      • Belt is a wide band of lace with repeating medallion design, edged on top and bottom with a strip of thin, more solid lace. Straps are plain black/dark gray elastic, with slight vertical ribbing and silver clips. The actual rubber nubbin that holds the stockings is white (check the poster magazines).

      Seamed fishnet stockings and black satin undies.

      • Fishnets have a plain narrow black top. In a pinch, buy fishnet hose, chop the top off and treat with No-Fray. There are two holes at the right knee, one hole at the left knee, and one hole at about mid-thigh above the left knee.

      3-row rhinestone anklet.  

      • 3-row banded rhinestones; rows are staggered in a checkerboard pattern (so the rhinestones form little “X”s), not lined up. Worn over stocking on right ankle, later over boot.
      • TIP: Buy rhinestone trim (often called “rhinestone banding”) by the yard and a jewelry catch at a fabric or craft store (may be in the bridal section). Sew onto a black ribbon or elastic to avoid snagging your stockings.
      • If you must have the staggered rows, you’ll probably have to buy three single rows and sew them, very close and staggered, onto the ribbon/elastic yourself (I have never found staggered rhinestone banding anywhere). My husband did this and it looks quite nice.
      • Most rhinestone trim nowadays is made on a plastic support instead of metal; make sure the plastic isn’t too prominent or it will look wrong. I prefer white to black plastic; it looks more like the shiny silver-tone metal supports from 1975.

      Glitter-covered black peep toe platform d’Orsay sandals, white heels.  

      • “d’Orsay” shoes expose the sides of the foot; these are what some shoe manufacturers call a “two-piece” shoe. Closed back (heel cup) and a thin back-strap (rhinestone buckle). The loop next to the buckle that the strap tucks into is silver.
      • Heels are a good 4″ or 5″; actual height will depend on how tall you are and how well you can walk in them. The heel is essentially straight up and down, not curved-in at all; when I’ve found this style in modern shoes the heels were way too wide.
      • Both shoes and heels are covered with sparkly glitter (try coating shoes with glue, then white/clear or black glitter, then shellac or nail polish so shoes don’t shed).
      • You may want to wear shoes with black heels and make removable white velcroed heel covers, removing the covers before Creation Scene. It was only in 2011 that I actually saw anyone do this: it appears to work.
      • Heels are scattered with 20 or so rhinestones (I count 12-14 on the back of each heel in the elevator); some are blue and green. On the Blu-ray, rhinestones can also be seen on the black part of the shoes (check the closeup on Columbia holding Frank’s leg during “maybe a bite”).  
      • TIP: Platform sandals can be bought from Frederick’s or Wild Pair, or at a number of on-line shoe sites (check the Links page.). When platforms are in fashion, even JC Penney’s (!) has featured them in their catalog.

      Small white paper cone cup.  

      • Brave Franks will fill this with water and splash the audience. (Avoid splashing people wearing expensive leather jackets!) Water not OK? See if your theater’s OK with glitter or confetti. In a pinch, torn-up napkin pieces work and provide a nice visual as they flutter down.

    I would like….if I may…..

    These are scene-by scene breakdowns of costumes and hand props for a screen-accurate rendition of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Makeup (including tattoos and scars) is treated separately in the Makeup section. This list is based on observations of several different prints of the film, discussions with other fans, and extensive use of Rocky Horror posters, books, magazines, video, DVD, Blu-Ray, stills, etc. I’ve had lots of excellent help. (My thanks to everyone on the Rocky Horror newsgroup for their input and support; I miss you guys.)

    The descriptions here are not perfect; this is a work in progress. If what’s on this list doesn’t look like what’s on-screen, go with what’s on-screen. This list is NOT “definitive” and is intended as a convenience to people assembling costumes, not the word of God.

    If you think you notice a mistake or just want to chat about costuming, please email me. (If you see something that is wrong/incomplete, tell me which scene I can see the detail in question; I reply much faster if you send a photo/screencap than if I have to drag out the Blu-Ray.) I am happy to talk with anyone so long as a tone of mutual respect is maintained. Yes, the site is still regularly updated; for details, see “What’s New” below.

    All mistakes on this list are mine –nothing goes onto the site until I have verified it with my own eyes.

    The DVD and Blu-Ray really changed everything. Now everyone can have access to high-quality stills. If you want to do serious detail work, buy a copy. I bought a DVD player specifically to watch Rocky, then did the same thing for the Blu-Ray. Get a player with zoom capabilities. If you’re looking for DVD software for your computer, I recommend PowerDVD; it has screen capture capabilities and frame advance. Blu-Ray capture is significantly more difficult.

    How To Use This List

    This list is intended for fans who want to recreate the costumes from the movie “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”
    If you are costuming a production of the play “The Rocky Horror Show,” I can’t stop you from using this website for reference. But I can strongly encourage you to do what Sue Blane did and costume the play using your own original ideas, or, if you must, using her designs as a jumping-off point instead of slavishly copying them. Please leave that to us fans.

    • If you want to know what costume pieces a character wears, go to that character’s page.
    • If you want to know how to make yourself up like a character (including tattoos), visit the Makeup by Character and Tips & Tricks page.
    • If you are wondering how to find costume pieces or want general tips on making costumes or costume care, visit the DIY / Costume & Prop Tips & Tricks page.
    • If you are looking for specific websites which sell shoes, gloves, etc. or want to find people who will make costumes for you, visit our Links page.
    • If you don’t see what you’re looking for, or you think you’ve found a mistake or omission, by all means email me. Please do check out any details you write about before emailing me, though; if you haven’t bothered to check the detail, why should I?